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West Side Bazaar Small Business Owner Focus

Nathalie Zola Malu
Owner of Malkia & Co. Established at the West Side Bazaar in 2023
Journey: Congo – France – Buffalo
Arrival: 2014

Nathalie's journey from the Congo to Buffalo has been marked by her unwavering commitment to bringing people together through warm hospitality and delectable cuisine. While Nathalie initially ventured into the entrepreneurial world with a focus on self-image and fashion, her true passion for cooking has been a constant since childhood.

At her father's encouragement, Nathalie earned a degree in Pharmacy from the Université Paris XII before making her way to the United States in 2014. When the pandemic hit in 2021 and Nathalie was laid off, she seized the opportunity to pursue her lifelong dream of sharing her culinary talents with the community.

Amidst challenges, Nathalie enrolled in business classes at Buffalo State University, a decision that would shape her entrepreneurial path. Encouraged by friends from the City Mission and university, she applied for a restaurant spot at the West Side Bazaar. In 2023, she proudly opened Malkia & Co., named after her daughter, Malkia, which means "Queen" in Swahili.

In this culinary venture, Nathalie pays homage to her roots and also subtly connects with Buffalo, often referred to as the Queen City. Through Malkia & Co., Nathalie continues to embrace her love for hospitality, creating a space where delicious Congolese and French cuisine catalyzes community and connection in the heart of Buffalo.

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